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Narayan Seva

We serve a home cooked vegetarian meal at Austin Street Centre for the homeless near downtown on the first 
Friday of the month. With Swami's grace we have been doing this since 1985. It is NOT charity...but "Narayan 
Seva" service to God in the form of man. It is a spiritual practice to learn to share what God has given us. Its a 
good opportunity for us to teach our children "by example" to be grateful for all we have been blessed with & to 
instill the value of service from a young age.


How You Can Help

We have a restricted number of volunteers who can physically come & serve, hence volunteers need to sign up 

If you would like to participate please email us:

Volunteers may either cook the food and drop off at the locations mentioned OR
Volunteers may cook and come to the shelter to serve the food OR
Volunteers may come and serve the food at the shelter


Since this is a regular project if you can't make it this month you could always participate next month. Sign up sheet for 
cooking, buying food, and serving in person will be available at the Balvikas front desk the previous Sunday. 
If you would like to be added to the NDSAI Seva yahoo group to receive regular communications about this seva, please email:

Contact: if you would like to receive regular communications about this Seva.

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